CHOMEI ZUIKAKU no YU | 長命ずいかくの湯

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Phone : 0748-31-1126 Opened / 10:00~22:00 (Last Registration 21:00)

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The Bathing area

Relax in our 7 incredible baths, filled with the best natural hot spring water in Shiga prefecture.
We also have two separate, luxurious saunas.


Clear water bath

Natural hot spring water.

High concentrated carbonated water bath

Great for cleansing the skin!

Radon Steam Bath with naturally heated water

Try the health benefits of our radon steam therapy.
It’s popular in Austria, German, the Czech Republic, and Montana, USA. Many people believe that low levels of Radiation exposure will invigorate, energize, and combat mental and physical aging.

"露天風呂 Roten-buro" open-air bath

Try our newly opened "露天風呂 Roten-buro" open-air bath in "信楽焼 Shigaraki-yaki" earthenware tab and "檜 Hinoki" cypress tab!
The outside baths are obscured by traditional bamboo fencing to protect privacy. 
Please relax in the Japanese inspired atmosphere with the fragrance of "Hinoki".

Low-current electric massage bath

The pulsing current massages muscles and nerves.

Reclining bath

Take a rest in the shallow bath. Very soothing!

Cascading bath

A shower booth where the hot spring water flows like a waterfall.


High temperature log cabin style sauna

High temperature log cabin style sauna with wood stove.
(The first in the Kansai area)

Low temperature sauna,"Omi Tensho no ma"

Low temperature sauna, "Omi Tensho no ma" is made to resemble "Golden Tea Room" of Hideyoshi Toyotomi, who is known as second "great unifier" in the "Tensho" era in 16th century.

Refreshing Low-temperature, charcoal-filtered bath

Refreshing Low-temperature (14 degrees), charcoal-filtered bath. At 1.2m, it's the deepest cold-water bath in the Kansai area.